Festival Info - Sunflowerfest
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Festival Info

Sunflowerfest 2022 Info

General Information

Are there any ATMs?

There are no ATMs on site. However, debit card cashback is available at the bars and any other traders that accept card payments.

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Tickets will be available at the gate Box Office – but they will be higher prices than the online prices so it’s better to buy your tickets online as soon as you can.

Transaction fee and booking fee

Transaction fee

This fee is charged to cover the banking transaction costs of your purchase.

This fee will be no more than £1.50 and is only charged once per transaction.

We’ll include this fee in the summary of your purchases, before you finalise and buy

Booking fee

Everything available on our tickets page are subject to a booking fee, which we pay to our ticketing agents (TheTicketSellers).

For each ticket or product we will always clearly display how much it is, how much the booking fee is, and their combined total price.

Booking fees breakdown

  • Babies, kids and teens festival tickets – £1
  • 16 & 17, Student and 18+ festival tickets – 5% + VAT (Min £1)
  • Vehicles – 5% + VAT (Min £1)
  • Camplight products – 5% + VAT (Min £1)

Can I bring glass?


Absolutely no glass containers are permitted on site and anyone found with glass by security or staff will have it and its contents confiscated.

Be sensible and decant your alcohol and other liquids into reusable containers before you arrive.

Nasty cuts can be caused by broken glass so please do not bring any glass.

Onsite facilities

Accessible and regular toilets are available in each campsite and throughout the entire site.

For a small fee, a mobile phone charging station will make sure you can still post the perfect Instagram shot. Please use #SFF20 to trend.

There are dedicated hot shower blocks located in the Family Campsite beside the Sunflower Village and in the Rowdy Campsite.

Fresh water taps are available around the campsites and at various other locations.

Dedicated barbecue areas in each campsite for anyone catering for themselves. Make sure you only barbecue in these areas and that you use these areas responsibly… the last thing anybody needs is a dirty BBQ area or a fire emergency!

All facilities are clearly signposted and can be found on the site map which will be available online and displayed on site.

Where can I drink my own alcohol?

Please drink your own alcohol in the campsites.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Some simple ways we can all make a difference, even in just one weekend.

We can Reduce our consumption…

  • Buy a decent tent this year and look after it and take it home with you to use next year – and the years that follow!

We can Reuse where we can…

  • Refill your reusable water bottle at the tap. This year NI Water and WaterAid will be giving away free reusable water bottles and providing a refilling station at the fest too. Our motto is REFILL NOT LANDFILL.

We can Recycle what we can’t reuse…

  • We have separate bins for cans and plastics and food waste so please help us and the environment at Tubby’s Farm by sorting your waste into the appropriate bins.
  • All our food waste will be composted so it can be spread on the land as a fertiliser and soil enricher so please use the correct container when disposing your waste.

Can I get to my car during the festival?

Yes, you are free to access your car, however, access to the car-park will be restricted after 1.00am each night when the festival site is locked down.

Why can't I see any day tickets?

Day tickets will not go on sale until much closer to the event allowing us to properly gauge the number of day tickets that can be made available.

If I leave, can I get back in?

Yes. Anybody with a wristband can come and go during festival performance hours but please restrict your car movements because the roads are very narrow and busy.  Movement will be restricted after 1am each night when the festival site is locked down.

Day ticket holders will get a stamp on their hand that identifies the day they can access the festival. They will not be able to return after that day.

If I don’t want to camp, can I still attend the festival?

Yes, of course. We’d love you to join us at the festival and we offer a range of non-camping tickets. Our full list of pricing options are available on our tickets page.

ACCESS Camping

Sunflowerfest is an all-inclusive festival and we encourage anyone with a disability or special needs to contact us ahead of the festival so that we are prepared to welcome you. Should you, a friend or family member wish to visit the festival site before the festival, please contact us to arrange a time.

All enquiries should be emailed to:

Accessible toilets will be present throughout the festival site.

In addition, our dedicated staff will be available, both in the car park and on the festival site to provide you with any assistance you may require.

Can I charge my phone?

Yes. We will have phone charging facilities on site. There may be fees for this service.

What age groups can I buy tickets for?

Since we are a family first event, Sunflowerfest proudly welcomes people of all ages. You can buy tickets for…

  • Babies – 0 to 2 years – When accompanied by someone 18+
  • Kids – 3 to 12 years – When accompanied by someone 18+
  • Teens – 13 to 15 years – When accompanied by someone 25+
  • 16 & 17 – When accompanied by someone 25+
  • Student – 18+ – With valid student ID
  • 18+

Please note: if you are aged between 13 and 17, you need a parent/guardian who is at least 25 to accompany you

What is a loyalty ticket?

A loyalty ticket is the cheapest ticket on offer and available by invite only.

To qualify to receive this invite you must have bought tickets for last year’s festival online (i.e. not at the gate Box Office) and you must give us your consent to keep you updated.

Just make sure you subscribe using the same email address you used when you bought your tickets.

If it says you’re already subscribed, click the link to update your details.

One Earth

We know everyone will have a different vision for their One Earth – but here’s where we are coming from:

We are all here on one earth together, with a shared future, and using the same finite resources.

Let’s work to try and improve that future and our environment together. Let’s start thinking about new ways to live sustainably and harmoniously on our One Earth.

This year we’re feeling extra ambitious! We promise to improve our carbon and waste footprints by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible.

We encourage all our visitors, be they guests, traders, volunteers or artists to follow suit and consider their own impact over the weekend (and by extension in everyday life.)

Campsite Opening Times

Campsites are open at the following times…


The Campervan site is open for load-in between 17:00 and 20:00 on the Thursday before the festival

This is the only time that campervans will be permitted entry to the site

Family Camping Areas

11:00 on Friday

Gates will open at this time for Family Camping ticket holders only

General Camping Areas

12:00 midday on Friday.

Additional Information

You are not required to arrive on Friday, you can arrive at any time the gates are open over the weekend

Gates open at 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday for all visitors

Gates are closed to new visitors coming in at 21:00 each day

Day ticket holders are not permitted in the campsites and must vacate the site by 01:00 on Friday & Saturday nights and 23:30 on Sunday night

All campers must vacate the site by 12.00 midday on the Monday after the festival

Campervans and caravans must not attempt to exit the site before 09:00 on the Monday after the festival.

Your Arrival

Drop Offs

All drop offs at Legacurry Crossroads and free travel to site by Sunflowerfest Shuttle Bus Service.

Please make sure you are dropped off at the shuttle bus pick up at Legacurry crossroads.

Arriving by Bus

The Dromara bus from the Europa Bus Centre or Lisburn Bus Station will drop you at the Legacurry crossroads which will be well signposted. From here, we offer a free shuttle service for the duration of the festival. For information on the Dromara bus, please visit Translink’s Website.

Dropping off friends and family by Car

If dropping friends or family to the festival please use the free shuttle bus service provided from Legacurry Crossroads. This is the most efficient way to get to the festival main entrance. The shuttle bus pick-up point is located in the car-park at Legacurry Crossroads opposite the church and is clearly signposted. Two shuttle buses will be on a continuous loop all day from 11am and will drop you at the main entrance. Please avoid the Main Car-Parks.

Arriving by Car to the Sunflowerfest: there are car-parks for the day or for the weekend.

Use the Links to Google Maps on this page. There is a map of the location of the main car-parks at Tubby’s Farm, plus directions from Belfast and Dublin.

How far is it from the car park to the campsite?

The car park is only a short walk away from the main entrance. The first family campsite is located at this entrance. The furthest campsite is approximately 500 metres from the main entrance.

The shuttle bus pick up/drop-off point is 200 metres from the main entrance.

How do I get my gear from car park to the campsite?

If you do not wish to carry your own gear there will be a trolley hire service operated by our charity partner Air Ambulance NI with all proceeds going to help their vital life saving service. You can also ask any of our dedicated volunteers to assist you. They will be wearing yellow hi-visibility jackets. Our advice for all festival goers is to pack lightly and bring only your essentials.

Are there secure lockers for personal belongings?

No, not at this time.

Can I buy alcohol at the festival?

Sure can, bud!

There are a number of bars dotted around the festival providing reasonably priced beers, wines and cocktails.

Enjoy your alcohol responsibly please.

Which campsites can I go to?

Our camp sites are strictly divided between Family and General Camping areas so please make sure you buy the correct type of camping ticket

  • If you have children in your party, you must buy tickets for the Family Camping areas
  • If you do not have children in your party, you must buy tickets for the General Camping areas
  • You can only access Family campsites if you have a Family Camping wristband
  • You can only access General and Rowdy campsites if you have a General Camping wristband
  • You will not be able to access any campsite if you buy a day ticket

Your cooperation here is very important to us. If you see anything which doesn’t look right like non families in the Family Camping area, children in the Rowdy Camping areas please let a security person or volunteer know asap.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available on our tickets page

You may also be able to buy tickets from the gate Box Office, but expect these to be more expensive

How many child tickets can I buy?

For the safety of everyone attending, there are a number of rules that must be observed when buying tickets for children. The following applies to our babies, kids, teens and 16/17 tickets.

  • You must be over 18 to buy tickets
  • One adult can accompany no more than two children. This means that you can only buy two child tickets for every one adult ticket you buy.
  • This applies to both camping and day tickets
  • If you are buying camping tickets, they must be for the Family Camping area. You will not be able to buy child tickets if you are only buying General Camping area tickets

Can I buy tickets for just one day?

We sell tickets for individual days only if we have capacity to do so. For this reason, we don’t release day tickets until much closer to the event.

Check out our tickets page to see what’s currently available!

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Only visitors with a weekend camping ticket are permitted to bring a limited personal allocation of their own alcohol into the festival with them.

Visitors with day tickets are not permitted to bring their own alcohol.

Each adult weekend camper may bring with them a maximum limit of

  • 36 cans of beer/cider OR
  • 2 litres of wine OR
  • 1 litre of spirits

Alcohol will only be admitted when you first enter the site. This will be when you show us your ticket and we give you a wristband. Once you have your wristbands you can enter and leave the site transporting your camping equipment, but you will not be allowed to bring alcohol through so it’s very important all your alcohol is brought through on your first trip.

Absolutely no glass bottles are allowed anywhere at Sunflowerfest – Decant your alcohol into reusable containers before you arrive!

Security personnel at the entrance gate will be checking that the alcohol limits and glass policy have been adhered to and reserve the right to confiscate either.

Can I buy non-alcoholic drinks?

Yes, you will be able to purchase hot and cold drinks including a wide range of tea, coffee and juice from most food vendors.

There are also free-to-use water mains points throughout the site.

Campervan Essential Information

What kind of vehicle qualifies for the campervan supplement?

Campervans, motor homes, caravans are all welcome to use our campervan field. Campervan supplements are available on our tickets page and you only need to buy one per vehicle

Commercial vans being used for sleeping in will not be permitted in the campervan area.

Don’t buy a campervan ticket if you have anything other than a purpose built or adapted live in vehicle. We define this as having it’s own in-built sleeping and kitchen facilities.

Does everybody in my group need to buy a campervan supplement?

Only one campervan supplement is required per vehicle.

Everyone in your group will need their own Weekend Camping Festival tickets though.

How much space will I get?

There’ll be 5 metres space around your campervan for fire safety. You can put your awnings and canopies up in this area.

Can I also pitch a tent?

Tents are not permitted anywhere in the campervan area.

Can I park my car in the campervan area?

No. Cars are not permitted into any of the campsites or the campervan areas.

If you are bringing a caravan, your towing vehicle must be able to tow on rough ground and it must be moved to the carpark as soon as your caravan has been sited.

Can I bring glass

You are not allowed to bring any glass for any reason. This is particularly important for campervan owners to remember since glass is normally found in your kicthens. Be warned, security will confiscate it on entry.

Is there an electrical hookup?

Not at this time

Can I bring a generator?

No. Generators are prohibited on the festival grounds.

Are there toilets?

Yes. The campervan area has serviced toilets and water

When should I arrive?

Load-in for campervans is from 17:00 and 20:00 on the Thursday evening before the festival.

If you arrive outside these times you will be denied entry with your campervan.

This is due to the road access to that part of the site and we must strictly adhere to these times. But you do get an extra night’s camping for free!

How long before I can get the festival started?

Patience grasshopper. Let everybody else get here first! We’ll need you to stay in the campervan field on Thursday night.

When the gates open on Friday morning and the first of our General Campers start to arrive you can start to move into other areas of the festival.

When can I leave?

The road access becomes available for camper vans again at 12:00 noon on Monday morning.