Sunflowerfest is Cancelled.

We are very sad to tell you that regretfully we have to cancel the festival. Covid hit us hard and we have not been able to properly get back on our feet as a result.

We tried negotiating better deals with suppliers and waiting for ticket sales to pick up but it just wasn't happening. The cost of living crisis has had a big impact on ticket sales too for sure. Funding and sponsorship was well down and as a result the figures just didn't stack up leaving an unbridgeable gap in the budget.

Over the years we have put everything we had into the festival to help it continue and to support our fantastic artistic community and crazy Sunflowerfestarians and we are very saddened that it has come to an end. We are proud too of all our great talent, amazing crowd of warm and friendly crazies and of ourselves. We all did our best.

It's the end of an amazing journey- a sad end but we gave it our best and have no alternative but to call it quits and wind up the festival. We gained some covid recovery funding over the past 2 years and have also spent a lot getting the site ready each year during the pandemic and as a result we are able to make 80% refunds.

Thank you for your support - especially to those of you who have been regular contributors since 2010.

Thank you and best wishes from everyone in Sunflower land.


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